Specializing in Oil and Gas, we manufacture metering pumps and distribute valves and controls for a wide variety of Production applications.



We know trouble always pops up at an inopportune time so we strive to keep your down time minimal with product resources, support and tools.


Sizing Tools

We offer solar sizing tools for DC applications in a an easy to understand format. Contact us or your local distrubtor to take advantage of this service.

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Founded as a lean and innovative company, we quickly adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Presenting new and imaginative solutions to resolve challenges, while servicing our existing line of products, makes us a full-service vendor. We are adept at in-house engineering, but our experience goes further than that; we also provide in-depth knowledge and support for large and small-scale projects alike.

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Products and Services

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Injection Pumps & accessories

We manufacture high quality injection pumps while also supplying all necessary injection accessories. All of our products are precisely engineered with simplicity in mind, ensuring reliability and maintainability. From the injection point to the tank and everything in between, we have you covered!

Megas Line Sheet
Electric Pump Brochure
Pneumatic Pump Brochure
Solar Pump Brochure


Valves & Controls

As a proud affiliate of Beaumont Manufacturing and Distribution (BMD), we offer a variety of production products. Control valves, level controls/switches, regulators and relief valves come in a wide variety of sizes, end connections and material combinations. Contact us for more information and availability.

BMD Products



We offer installation guidance and support for all of our chemical injection pumps. In addition, we can help with skid design, multi-pump configurations and smarter methanol injection.

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Troubleshooting Flowcharts

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Electric Pump - Leak


Electric Pump - No Flow




Installation and Operation Manuals

Electric Pump IOM


Pneumatic Pump IOM



We would love to hear from you! Contact us with any questions or comments about our products and services.

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Our application support and in-house engineering teams can assist in finding the appropriate fit for any needed use, as they have vast knowledge in Oil and Gas applications. They are eager to assist with proven solutions and dedicated technical support. We know that’s important to you; that’s why it’s important to us.

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